Flora beanie

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Merino wool beanie

Reflective print

Colour: Metal
Size: One size

BLACK FRIDAY product! Limited edition!

Whoops! These beanies had the wrong tags sewn in, so we're selling them for a nice outlet price. Contrary to what the current tags state, we do not recommend washing the beanie with water unless absolutely necessary. Remember that merino wool only needs to be washed if there's visible dirt on the knit. Most of the time just airing out merino wool accessories is more than enough.

The beanie is made of soft and warm merino wool. The fold creates more volume. A high-quality reflective pattern is printed around the beanie. The material is very elastic and soft, which ensures a good fit without being too tight. The height of the beanie can be adjusted to the preferred length by folding the edge.

Don't forget to wear CE-certified reflectors! Moiko CE-reflectors can be found here.