Our newest collaboration project is with the amazing Konsta Ojala, a Finnish artist and designer, who draws inspiration from his own life, this time from dog parks and a doggie-themed Instagram account he frequents. DOGZ is for all dog owners and lovers, woof!


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Dogz sormikkaat Musta L
Dogz gloves Sale price¥4,700
Dogz sukat MustaDogz sukat
Dogz socks Sale price¥4,700
Dogz kosketusnäyttösormikkaat Musta
Dogz touchscreen gloves Sale price¥5,200
Dogz 2 lapaset MalvaDogz 2 lapaset
Dogz 2 mittens Sale price¥6,700
Dogz 1 lapaset Musta
Dogz 1 mittens Sale price¥5,000
Dogz 1 pipo Musta yksi kokoDogz 1 pipo
Dogz 1 beanie Sale price¥9,300
Dogz 1 lapaset MustaDogz 1 lapaset
Dogz 1 mittens Sale price¥6,700
Dogz sukatDogz sukat
Dogz socks Sale price¥2,000
Dogz 2 lapaset Malva
Dogz 2 mittens Sale price¥5,000
Rekku snapback lippis Musta yksi kokoRekku snapback lippis Khaki yksi koko
Rekku snapback cap Sale price¥3,400
Dogz sneaker-sukatDogz sneaker-sukat Musta 36-40
Dogz sneaker socks Sale price¥4,700
Dogz 1 unisex t-paita MustaDogz 1 unisex t-paita
Dogz 1 unisex t-shirt Sale price¥5,400
Dogz 2 pipo Malva yksi kokoDogz 2 pipo
Dogz 2 beanie Sale price¥9,300
Rekku lippis Musta yksi koko
Rekku cap Sale price¥3,400
Dogz 2 unisex T-paita MustaDogz 2 unisex T-paita
Dogz 2 unisex t-shirt Sale price¥5,400