Our greeting reflectors increase your visibility in traffic during dark mornings and evenings, all the while promoting positive communication and the importance of saying "hi". Greeting reflectors are an excellent gift and come in a package that includes greetings in 60 different languages. The reflectors are manufactured in either Finland or Estonia, and they are CE-certified.



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Moi heijastin Musta Yksi kokoMoi heijastin
Moi reflector Sale price¥700
Hello heijastin Pinkki Yksi kokoHello heijastin Musta Yksi koko
Hello reflector Sale price¥700
Ya heijastin Pinkki Yksi kokoYa heijastin
Ya greeting reflector Sale price¥700
Hola heijastin Musta yksi koko
Hola reflector Sale price¥700
Hei heijastin Valkoinen Yksi kokoHei heijastin Musta Yksi koko
Hei reflector Sale price¥700
Hej heijastin Valkoinen yksi kokoHej heijastin
Hej reflector Sale price¥700