We’re so proud because we’ve been given the opportunity to continue Tove Jansson’s amazing work by creating our own renditions of her beloved Moomin characters for our reflective products. There’s an inherent sense of approval and respect between all the characters, different creatures are all allowed to come as they are and be who they want. Which Moomin character are you?

You can find Moomins on our mittens, beanies, scarves, t-shirts as well as tote bags.


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Poppoo lasten rukkaset MustaPoppoo lasten rukkaset
Kuje lasten pipo Vanha Roosa Yksi kokoKuje lasten pipo Metsänvihreä Yksi koko
Mörkö lasten pipo Musta Yksi kokoMörkö lasten pipo Metsänvihreä Yksi koko
"The Groke" kids' beanie Sale price59,00€
Poppoo lasten pipo Metsänvihreä Yksi kokoPoppoo lasten pipo Vanha Roosa Yksi koko
"Moomin Family" kids' beanie Sale price59,00€