Moiko x Teemu Järvi

Teemu Järvi is an artist and designer who specialises in nature topics. His works echo deep experiences in nature, which makes sense considering that he spends most of the year in forests and on water. Moiko and Teemu Järvi are connected by respect towards natural, which is why a collaboration project was only a matter of time. Järvi’s lively ink drawings with gorgeous strokes were practically made for reflective accessories.


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Lempeä Karhu unisex T-paita MustaLempeä Karhu unisex T-paita
Lempeä Karhu unisex t-shirt Sale price38,66€
Tiikeri lapaset MustaTiikeri lapaset
Tiikeri mittens Sale price48,34€
Lempeä Karhu lapaset MustaLempeä Karhu lapaset
Lempeä Karhu mittens Sale price48,34€