We’re so proud because we’ve been given the opportunity to continue Tove Jansson’s amazing work by creating our own renditions of her beloved Moomin characters for our reflective products. There’s an inherent sense of approval and respect between all the characters, different creatures are all allowed to come as they are and be who they want. Which Moomin character are you?

You can find Moomins on our mittens, beanies, scarves, t-shirts as well as tote bags.



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Salaisuus Muumipeikko ja Niiskuneiti unisex T-paita MustaSalaisuus Muumipeikko ja Niiskuneiti unisex T-paita Ecru
Pappa lapaset GrafiittiPappa lapaset Musta
Muminpappa vantar REA-pris39,31€
Spara 7,84€
Vauhti lasten lippis Violetti yksi koko
Livliga Lilla My keps för barn REA-pris16,71€ Pris24,55€
Spara 7,84€
Muumipappa ja meri lasten lippis Musta yksi koko
Pappan och havet keps för barn REA-pris16,71€ Pris24,55€
Riviera pipo ja lapaset lahjapakkauksessaRiviera pipo ja lapaset lahjapakkauksessa Musta
Snorkfröken presentset REA-pris117,08€
Riemu lasten lapaset Metsänvihreä
Riemu vantar för barn REA-pris41,22€