Autumn 2023 hit product is here!

No matter how high temperatures stay, days keep getting shorter as autumn winds blow in. It's now easy to stay visible during your run or on your way to school or work, even if a reflector is yet to hang from every coat. Our caps are made of 100% cotton, and the prints vary from Moomins to roses. Caps on and let's go!



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Kuje lippis Musta yksi kokoKuje lippis
"The Playful Little My" cap Sale price230,00 kr
Rekku snapback lippis Musta yksi kokoRekku snapback lippis Khaki yksi koko
Rekku snapback cap Sale price192,00 kr
Hymy snapback lippis Musta yksi koko
Hymy snapback Sale price192,00 kr
Logo lippis Musta yksi koko
Logo cap Sale price192,00 kr
Muumipappa ja meri lasten lippis Musta yksi koko
"Moominpappa at Sea" kids' cap Sale price192,00 kr
Rekku lippis Musta yksi koko
Rekku cap Sale price192,00 kr
Ruusu lippis Musta yksi koko
Ruusu cap Sale price192,00 kr
Vauhti lasten lippis Violetti yksi koko
Mörkö lippis Musta yksi kokoMörkö lippis
"The Groke" Moomin cap Sale price230,00 kr
Mörkö snapback lippis Musta yksi kokoMörkö snapback lippis
"The Groke" Moomin snapback Sale price230,00 kr