These products are gifts with a lot of heart, literally! They're a wonderful way to show you care about the people around you, both when giving the gift and when the recipient then wears it. The design on our heart prints balances between abstract and obvious, since the heart is visibly only when the halves are brought together.

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Kaipaus lapaset
Kaipaus vantar REA-pris18,23€
Hehku lapaset
Hehku vantar REA-pris18,23€
Spara 20,10€
Hehku lapaset Kirsikka
Hehku vantar REA-pris27,83€ Pris47,93€
Spara 17,28€
Lempi lapaset S-koko Vanha roosa SLempi lapaset S-koko Musta S
Lempi vantar REA-pris18,23€ Pris35,51€