It all started with silence.

We finns are famous for not talking a lot. Or at all.
So even saying "hi" can feel too personal sometimes.
There's a reason for that:
Our generations-long battle with Nordic climate.
Think about it.

When it's dark and snowing, you can hardly see inches ahead, let alone spot another human being (or tell apart from a bear).
And when it's -30 degrees Celsius, why would anybody want to stop to have a chat with you? (That would be like chit chatting in a refrigerator.)

So the Finns learned to turn inwards.

That's why we Mari and Anu, wanted to find a way to make it easier for people to greet others. But without actually having to say anything ;)
That meant borrowing a Finnish innovation from the 1950's, the reflector. (which was invented by a farmer who lost his dear horse on a road with no street lights when a car hit her. Not cool.)
So we expanded the original idea and started testing woollen mittens and beanies that had communicative reflective prints on them.
We wanted them to be practical, ethical and fun to use, but were worried how they would be received.
Turned out people loved them. *Sigh*
And not only that.
We were told that these shiny accessories let people show who they are, make others smile, and start conversations that turn into friendships.

What?! Knitted pieces of cloth can do that?!

That blew our minds. Still does. And makes us feel so grateful. A pretty good reason to come to work every day, right?

It's time to shine.

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