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Here at Moiko, we strive for equality and ethicality – in fact, these are two of our core values. Our goal is to create timeless, durable products that are loved by our customers and that have a long life, which in turn supports our goal to increase sustainability in all our actions. These goals have guided us to carefully select only high-quality materials for our products and produce them in co-operations with our trusted partners in Europe; 80% of the work takes place in Finland, and in the Baltic countries. We know all our production sites and visit them regularly. We also see great importance in investing in the wellbeing of our employees.

Almost all our products are made with natural materials. Merino wool used in our gloves, mittens and beanies is mulesing free and animal friendly. The wool is produced in Argentina and spun in a factory in Filiviv, Italy. The yarn meets Oeko-tex and Reach standards, which ensures that our products do not contain any harmful chemicals. The material used in our tote bags is GOTS certified organic cotton.

More than just environmentally friendly materials, we put high importance on local production. Most of our products are woven and sewn in Tampere, Finland, after which they are delivered to our showroom in Helsinki, where our own team takes care of finishing the products with reflective prints. We are working together with small textile manufacturers in Estonia ¬– that is where our quilted mittens, some of the beanies and tote bags are being made.

Did you know?

It takes 15 minutes to knit one double layered pair of mittens. First, the mittens are knitted, after which they are steamed to increase the soft feel of the merino wool, finishing the knit. At this point, the logo is sewn on to the product. Once the pair of mittens is ready to roll, it is sent to Lauttasaari in Helsinki, where the mittens are given their final touch with the shining reflective prints our designers have created. Finally, a product information tag is attached to the pair of shiny softness, and it is all set for delivery.

When purchasing a product from Moiko, you pay for high-quality materials, local production and appropriate compensation to our associates and employees.

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