Can products with reflective prints be washed?

Yes, they can. Our reflective prints were originally designed to be printed on work clothes, so some of them can even withstand a 90 degree wash. However, wool doesn’t do well with washing in high temperatures, so the washing instructions for merino wool products are determined by the wool. The same goes for t-shirts and other products: you can safely wash them according to the washing instructions, don’t worry about the print!

Reflective prints should never be ironed directly. Always have a baking sheet or fabric between, or iron the product inside out. We recommend steaming for woollen products. Steaming directly over the print is completely safe. For more specific instructions, please check out our care guide.

What is the difference between double-knit and single-knit mittens and what do the terms mean?

Double-knit mittens have two layers, and the inside lining is the same merino wool knit as the outside. Single-knit mittens only have one layer. At the office, we refer to the two as “doubles” and “singles”, and this has led to confused looks when customers overhear us… whoops.

Can I purchase Moiko products anywhere else other than the webstore?

If you’re in Finland then yes, indeed you can! Our products are sold in Sokos shops throughout Finland. During the winter season, running into our products is quite easy, for example Citymarket and Prisma both carry our products then. We also have a couple retailers abroad. Check out our list of retailers here.

You’re also very welcome to come visit our showroom in Lauttasaari. Our office is in the same building, so you might get to meet our entire team while you visit! Our entire selection is available for purchase at the showroom, and we’ve also put out products and offers that aren’t available anywhere else. Please check out our address and updated opening times from our info page. Keep an eye on our social media accounts; if there are any collaborations going on with a retailer, we’ll keep you posted.

My payment won’t go through, what should I do?

This is always an unpleasant situation for both the customer and us. The first thing to do is to try again in a few minutes, as this may be a temporary problem. You can also try another payment method if possible. If neither of these helps, please email us and let us know which payment method you are trying to use. We also usually receive a notification of a failed transaction, so we can contact the payment processor for more information and hopefully they will come up with a solution. You can also ask your bank for advice.

How do I know which size I should get?

For each product, you will find a size chart below the product text, which you can compare with your own measurements to find the best size for you. With mittens and gloves, size S is the most common size for women with smaller hands and teenagers, size M usually fits most people and is our most purchased one, and size L is the most common size for men. The one size merino wool beanies, on the other hand, have so far fit the majority of our customers without a hitch thanks to their elastic and snug design. The t-shirts are very traditional, so you can choose the size you would normally wear. Of course, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to sizes, so checking the size chart is advisable.

We are happy to help and answer any questions about our sizing. We've even been sent some outline drawings of our customers’ hands and have used them as reference!

Can I order customised products for my company?

Absolutely! Just send us an email telling us what kinds of products you’re looking for, how many, and with what kind of print. Also, the sooner we know the deadline the better. We have a lot of experience with corporate gifts and collaborative projects, so you don't even have to know exactly what kind of product you want, we can plan the whole thing together! We can create products with your company logo or we can design your very own print. 

If you want to buy our products for your employees, for example as a Christmas present, we can pack them in stylish gift boxes with ribbons that can also be customised, so you can include your own greeting on them if you wish. We can also arrange postal delivery.

I purchased a pair of mittens, but have now lost the other one. Do you sell single mittens?

Oh no! Unfortunately, we cannot sell a single mitten, because then we would be left with one without a pair. However, please email us and let us know what kind and size of mitten you lost and we will see what we can do!

I received your product as a gift. Can I exchange or return it?

Before anything else, please contact the gift giver so that you know where the product was bought, the date of purchase and the price of the product. In fact, it’s easiest if the gift giver contacts us directly about the exchange or return. Exchanges and returns must be made within 14 days of receiving the gift. For Christmas gifts, we have an extended exchange and return policy until the end of January.

If the product has been purchased from us, you can exchange it for a product of the same value or if it is a more expensive product, we will charge you the difference. If you decide to exchange for a cheaper product, we will refund the difference to the buyer. For returns, we will refund the payment through the payment method used by the gift giver. 

If the product was not purchased directly from us and the reason for contact is not reclamation, the product can be exchanged or returned at the place of purchase.

I’ve received a gift card. How can I check the balance?
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