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Time to roll up your trouser legs and get to know Moiko’s brand new product: socks! You won’t want to hide these beauties.

We’ve all been there, when all of a sudden there’s no match for any of your socks, and the laundry is just a pile of lonely singles. To avoid this situation, we’ve put together an exciting five-sock box (not pairs, actual single socks), where all the socks can be matched however you like. And for those wanting to play it safer, we also carry a more traditional two-pair set with a classic heart print. Last but most definitely not least, you can also buy a single sock, in case you actually happen to lose one!

The material the socks are made of also requires zero hiding. The thread used for the socks was made by Pure Waste, who specialise in recycled materials. The cotton in the thread is recycled cutting from factories, and the polyester is made of recycled PET bottles. Did you know that 1kg of recycled cotton saves 11000 litres of water compared to virgin cotton? The socks are knit in Lithuania, and the prints are added by us in Helsinki.

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