This collection has been created to make us all more visible by integrating beautiful, innovative reflecting designs to everyday accessories.

When we walk outside, our hands move and heads turn, and this makes our reflective elements sparkle in the dark, when lights shine on them. By wearing Moiko’s reflective mittens, you’ll sparkle!

The Reflective hands collection won the Honourable Mention award at the 2017 Red Dot design competition.

Reflective collection


Our Greeting Mittens is where it all started – just like when people meet, it all starts with the word moi, Finnish for “hello” Even our brand name Moiko includes the word.

To make people connect in a fun way, we still maintain the popular greeting mittens and reflectors in our collection. They are available in multiple languages.

A pair of Greeting Mittens or a Greeting Reflector brings happiness to both the wearer and to everyone around. Say hello/moi/moro/hola/hi with our mittens and reflectors to friends, strangers and passers-by. The product has been tested: It holds the power to make people smile.

The right palm of the mitten holds the greeting − the left can be used to say farewell. Mittens are also available with greetings in two different languages.


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