It all started with moi. Moi is Finnish and means hello.

Finland is known for people who don’t talk that much. Even saying “Moi” might be hard to do. That is why we, Anu Saari and Mari Heinonmäki, decided to use our skills as designers to make saying hello easier. We established Moiko in 2010, with Greeting Mittens as our first product. Ever since, we have focused on designing innovative everyday accessories for both adults and kids.

Moiko products are always practical, durable and fun. They make people happy, warm and visible – say those who already wear Moiko.

At the heart of our values are equality and ethical production. Our products are designed for people from all age groups, genders and backgrounds. We use ethically produced, high quality materials, and all our products are manufactured with reliable partners in Europe, mainly in Finland (80%) and Estonia.

Moiko’s timeless designs last from season to season – and simply look and feel good to wear.

Reflective collection

This collection has been created to make us all more visible by integrating beautiful, innovative reflecting designs to everyday accessories.

When we walk outside, our hands move and heads turn, and this makes our reflective elements sparkle in the dark, when lights shine on them. By wearing Moiko’s reflective mittens, you’ll sparkle!

The Reflective hands collection won the Honourable Mention award at the 2017 Red Dot design competition.